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Supply & Installation of Automatic Doors

Tailored to suit an array of building types and sectors, ranging from busy offices and residences to bustling retail spaces and commuter hubs, our automatic entrances and door systems are designed to be compact, resilient and exceptionally energy-efficient while maintaining the security and safety you need.

AA Door Systems offers fully customisable automatic door systems, designed to suit aluminium, glass, steel, or wooden doors – whether it’s a single-opening door or a bespoke entrance for your unique space. We collaborate closely with our customers, ensuring the final product aligns with their requirements, specifications, and budget.

Automatic Pedestrian Doors

Explore our expertly designed and installed automatic door systems tailored for various building access and pedestrian entrances.

Automatic Sliding Pedestrian Doors

Facilitating seamless access to diverse buildings like offices, banks, hospitals, and shops, our sliding and automatic doors are designed for functional precision. We prioritise safety, ensuring the doors move smoothly and quietly. Additionally, our expert consultation includes comprehensive advice on regulations and requirements.

Automatic Swing Pedestrian Doors

The perfect solution for effortless automatic doors with added safety protection. Specifically designed for convenience and can be retrofitted to existing swing doors. These doors are particularly well-suited for use in environments where disabled, elderly, or ill individuals require safer and easier access to a commercial or residential building

Automatic and Manual Revolving Doors

Elevate your building with the timeless look of turnstile revolving door systems designed to optimise energy efficiency in large spaces with high foot traffic like hotels, retail and office buildings. These doors create a sophisticated entrance seamlessly integrated into the building’s structure.

Automatic Folding Doors

When limited space constraints rule out the use of sliding or swing doors, our automatic folding doors offer an ideal solution. Their exceptionally compact design not only saves space but also makes them perfect for retrofitting during conversions or renovations.

Roller Garage Doors

AA Door Systems specialises in designing and installing high-quality roller doors from leading manufacturers in various styles, models, and finishes to suit both traditional and modern properties.

  • Installed Roller Garage Doors
  • Double Roller Garage Doors
  • Single Roller Garage Doors
  • Electric Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Doors are available in both single or double-skinned aluminium and are custom-made to fit your specifications. Choose from a range of options, including colour, insulation and electric/automatic opening systems, tailored to meet your access needs. Our garage door installations include the door supply, frames, security locks, and manufacturer’s guarantee.

Choose AA Door Systems for Quality Supply, Installation & Maintenance

Comprehensive Product Range

AA Door Systems excels in supplying, installing and servicing a wide range of residential, industrial and pedestrian door systems from leading manufacturers.

Skilled & Qualified Installers

Our highly skilled automatic door installers and maintenance engineers are trained and accredited to ADSA BS EN 16005, guaranteeing that your safety obligations are met with the utmost expertise and professionalism.

Safe and Compliant

Our commitment to safety is evident through BS EN 16005:2012 standards, ensuring that our products meet the highest safety benchmarks regarding design and testing for pedestrian door systems.

Servicing & Maintenance

Automatic Door Maintenance (PPM), Roller Garage Door Repairs

We also provide reactive repairs and routine maintenance (PPM) for all automatic door systems and roller garage doors, ensuring the ongoing functionality and hassle-free upkeep of your property’s access and entry.

Experience the Reliability and Security You Deserve With Our Automated Door and Entry Systems.

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